Marriage is in general a necessity of life. Procreation is a natural process and it happens automatically in all living things at the appropriate time. Human being also on attainment of requisite age looks forward for a consort to live with, enjoy life and have a family. Vedic seers noticed that there are many variations in man women relationships. In olden times polygamy was common In many societies man had the right to marry as many women as he could maintain. It was common for the kings to maintain a harem.

Times changed and society and social laws changed . The rights of women was recognized and the laws were modified accordingly.

The Vedic seers knew that society will change but the man woman relationship would not change.
They understood that human being is bound by kaarmic laws and he/she acts according to them all through his/her life. So they recognized some divisions when it came to the topic of marriage.

They classified the possibilities as:

a) An individual remaining un married through out his life.
b) Getting married having a family and children and live in a compact society.
c) Getting married but due to many physical and Psychological differences unable to carry on with marriage and getting separated or divorced.
d) Losing partner by death and remarrying.
e) Having many affairs due to lose moral.
f) Remaining unmarried but having liaison with many men/women.

They also saw marriage happening by mutual Love:

Marriage arranged by parents, relatives etc
Marriage by contact through media
Marriage with close relatives.
Marriage with a widow or widower.

The seers also recognized that all these factors come about as a result of Previous Karma known as Prarabhda.

In an Indian horoscope there are marriage significators such as the 7th house from the ascendant, 7th house from the Moon, the lords of these 7th houses, Venus in case of man and Mars in case of a female, indicate the prospects of marriage by their placement association and aspect of other benefic or malefic planets on the houses and the significator’s.

The relationship between the ascendant, the 7th lord and the aroodha padas of 1st and 7th indicate the degree of love that will exist between the couple.
It is because of these factors the matching of horoscopes of boy and girl before marriage to know the compatibility becomes important.

The Vedic seers found 46 points of comparison with different markings for each item according to the importance of that item in practical life.

They ruled that at least a minimum of 50% compatibility should be there for a marriage to be stable bond. It is because of this the Hindu’s make it appoint to go to the astrologer to know the compatibility before deciding on the marriage.

It is not first get married on an infatuation or physical attraction and regret later and try to get out of it. It is find the compatibility and marry so that the marriage will last through the thick and thin of life. There will be a partner always by the side to share happiness and sorrow at all times.